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The Fruitery

Naming, identity and packaging design

The Fruitery is a delicious new range of pure, fruit-based products from third-generation fruit growers in Kent that offer provenance, authenticity and quality. Our brief was to create a new brand for an exciting range of berry-based products to be sold through major retailers in the UK and across Europe.

Fruits of our labour

Our challenge was to create a brand that could work across numerous product categories and different kinds of packaging formats and categories with the added complexity of it also needing to work for foodservice and having to compete with similar products also produced by the company under retailer white labels. We also had to ensure we communicated each stage of the design process clearly to ensure our client understood and was on board with our vision.

First we worked to identify and define the new range’s proposition and strategic positioning, before creating a name to perfectly embody the products on offer – and so The Fruitery was born. As well as this over-arching name for the brand, we also created names for The Fruitery’s different products categories, including ‘Berry Delicious’, ‘Berry Delightful’ and ‘Berry Snackable’ to give each product an identity – and explain its proposition – without straying too far from the parent brand.

Bright new world

To give The Fruitery visual impact, we gave it a world all of its own, using unique, captivating, mixed-media illustrations of farm animals, people and landscapes, all inspired by the Chambers’ farming heritage and family values. To help us to create The Fruitery world we bought old farming and agriculture toys and models on Ebay, photographed them and then used those images to create our illustrations. Now this colourful new world works beautifully across multiple packaging formats – from juice cartons to smoothie pouches and bagged snacks. It is bright, unique and characterful, both on-shelf and online.

Also important to us was crafting a brand that was as strong in marketing and advertising materials as it was on pack. To help us to achieve this we gave The Fruitery characters a ‘voice’ using cheeky speech bubbles to ensure the brand is as powerful verbally as it is visual.


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