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Revitalising Oakray’s brand to support growth objectives

Oakray is a family-owned property performance contractor founded in 1979. Their 245 employees work towards providing quality compliancy services, including mechanical, electrical, gas and renewable installations, maintenance and repairs. Oakray’s clients include NHS, local authorities, social landlords, residents and communities across London and the South East.

The challenge

Oakray’s ambitious growth required strategic guidance and brand optimisation to support their objectives. With their service offerings branching into new areas, acquisitions being made and the industry landscape becoming increasingly competitive, it was time for positive change.

What was undertaken

Oakray commissioned Brandality to undergo a comprehensive brand strategy and advisory process to help redefine its proposition, strengthen identity and improve communications. This included:


Stakeholder Interviews: We conducted in-depth interviews with Oakray’s customers and employees to gain a comprehensive understanding of current brand perceptions, strengths and areas for improvement. This insight-driven approach provided the foundation for the strategy.


Workshops and Ideation: Our team facilitated workshops involving key Oakray stakeholders to collaboratively define the areas of improvement and who Oakray needs to become to achieve their objectives. This also allowed us to evolve the essence of Oakray’s identity and align it with the market demands.


Brand Strategy: Building upon the insights from the workshops and interviews, we developed a brand strategy that guides Oakray’s key messaging, marketing and communications. The organisational and service structure were also developed to become better aligned with the newly created proposition.


Brand Identity Evolution: we strengthened Oakray’s brand identity and by modernising their visual brand identity to communicate their new brand positioning as ‘property performance specialists’. A set of distinct visual assets were crafted to form a cohesive brand image that builds recognition and trust. These visuals were integrated into a new website design, marketing materials and vehicle livery, ensuring a consistent and impactful brand presence across all touchpoints.


Additionally, to help guide verbal identity we crafted a compelling brand narrative that conveyed Oakray’s story in a way that resonated with both existing and potential customers.

The Outcome

Our strategic recommendations and tools have equipped Oakray with an authentic, memorable brand that reinforces their position as trusted property performance experts. By clarifying their messaging and refreshing their visual identity, Oakray now conveys a professional, approachable image that appeals to commercial and public sector clients.

The optimised brand has been rolled out smoothly across vehicles, uniforms, website and all external-facing assets. Post-launch surveys show employees are aligned behind the new brand values and goals. Since the rebrand, Oakray has secured major contracts with new clients across healthcare and social housing.

Oakray’s brand optimisation was met with enthusiasm from customers, employees, and industry peers alike. The brand workshops not only defined Oakray’s external brand but also fostered alignment and enthusiasm among employees. This internal buy-in translated into consistent brand delivery and an enhanced company culture.



The partnership between Oakray and Brandality brand consultancy resulted in a successful brand transformation that honoured the company’s legacy while propelling it toward a brighter and more competitive future. Through stakeholder engagement, strategic workshops, and creative design, Oakray’s brand has evolved, aligning it with the needs of its customers and the demands of the modern construction and maintenance industry. The optimised brand now stands as a testament to Oakray’s commitment to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction.




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