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Company Culture

Noun     Plural: company cultures

The shared purpose, values, behaviours and practices that shape the way people work together within a company.

Culture change consultants

Empowering your employees with clarity

About Company Culture

Company culture helps corporations establish and maintain a positive and productive workplace. Our job as consultants is to help define and instil key components such as values, beliefs, behaviour, and practices. These help characterise a business, set expectations and shape the social and psychological environment. 

A positive company culture can significantly impact employee satisfaction, productivity, collaboration and a sense of belonging among employees. In contrast, a negative culture can lead to a high turnover of staff and low morale.

Helping clients embed a culture of inclusion, collaboration and innovation. Activating a cultural movement that boosts productivity and morale to drive a wave of positive change from the inside out.

How does company culture help?

What's involved?

Every project and client challenge is unique, in most instances however we undertake the following steps:

Culture audit

This involves gathering insights about the current culture of the business through surveys, interviews, research and observations.

Identifying core values

This involves determining the key beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours that are essential to the company’s identity and success.

Developing guiding principles

This involves creating a set of actionable principles and behaviours that reflect the company’s core values and can be used to guide decision-making and behaviour.

Embedding the culture

This involves communicating the new culture to employees and stakeholders and embedding it into the company’s policies, practices, and systems.

Monitoring and optimising culture

regularly monitoring and assessing the effectiveness of the new culture, and making adjustments as necessary to ensure it continues to align with the company’s values and mission.

Our culture change capabilities

  • Stakeholder interviews 
  • Competitor landscape analysis 
  • Focus groups 
  • Workshops 
  • Brand activation and engagement 
  • Brand architecture 
  • Brand narrative 
  • Brand communication strategy
  • Brand positioning 
  • Brand purpose 
  • Brand value proposition 
  • Customer persona profiling 
  • Brand personality 
  • Brand identity systems 

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