Premium dog food brand

Westcotts is a premium dog food produced by the Animal Health Company. Following the rebrand of all its product ranges it was great to be re-commissioned for the naming, brand identity and packaging design for this new product.

It was important for us to consider that the new name and brand needed to fit with the Animal Health Company’s other product ranges and that the product was launching into a very competitive market, so needed to stand out from other products.

When creating a name and brand for the new product, the premium nature and quality of the product had to be considered. This was reflected by the elegant font that was chosen for the brand’s identity. Once a brand identity had been chosen, we created an engaging and informative packaging design to ensure the new product stands out on the shelf. The stylish design reflects the luxury nature of the product and is also informative for dog owners by including a feeding guide and extensive list of feeding to the target audience.

The choice of dog used on the packaging was also carefully considered. With the premium food created primarily for competition dogs, the dog needed to look healthy and represent its target audience while still making it accessible to pet dogs owners.


The Animal Health Company Limited


How we helped

  • Brand Identity Design
  • Packaging/Label Design
  • Printed Marketing Material Design
  • Digital & Print Advertising Design

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