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Science Supplements are equine nutrition specialists

Science Supplements is an equine nutrition specialist that is committed to supplying the finest quality horse supplements, which are clinically and scientifically proven to offer real results. The supplements contain premium ingredients that provide the nutritional support horses needs to remain in the very best condition.

Branding for the specialist nutrition company consisted of elegant silver writing placed on to a black background, giving the brand a stylish and modern image. The Science Supplements branding was implemented on product labels. The new labels have a sleek and modern feel, complementing the website and further enhancing the brand’s professional image. The label designs will ensure the products stand out from competitors on the shelf by capturing the buyer’s attention. After careful consideration the website was created with a unique and innovative design.

Ecommerce Website
The website included several features to enhance the user experience, including a map function to quickly locate the nearest stockist and a quick contact form. Content is split into various categories making it easy to access, with technical information for experts and news and advice for customers.

Built on the open source Magento platform, the new website has an easy to use administration interface allowing online merchants to control the look and functionality of the store, update content and control stock levels.


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  • Brand Identity Design
  • Brand Strategy
  • Packaging/Label Design
  • Printed Marketing Material Design
  • Website Design
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