SALUS Branding and Identity Design

Branding for the events company and knowledge platform

SALUS is an events company and a social knowledge platform who are dedicated to designing a healthier society and a more sustainable planet.

Create an identity system that excels across multiple touchpoints and represents the company and its social media platform.

Define requirements and produce the creative brief
Research into all required touchpoints
Conceptual design
Design development and test concepts for flexibility and viability

The Work
With wellbeing and communication at the heart of everything SALUS undertakes, we wanted to create an identity to reflect this. We combined speech marks and the yin and yang symbol to create a compelling icon which works effectively across all required mediums. The negative area of the symbol also creates the letter ‘S’ which works well alongside the name.


Sansom & Sansom Associates Limited


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How we helped

  • Brand Identity Design
  • Print Management

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