NatraSan & RenaSan

Revolutionary care and hygiene products for human and animals

When presented with the opportunity to brand two ranges of hypochlorous care and hygiene products for humans and animals, we were keen to get started. The brief was to create and instil a strong, bright identity that would ensure they stand out in a new but competitive market and allow consumers to see past the science and realise their need for the products.

The first decision was to split the range into Human and Animal, and to create two distinct but identifiable brands, with two separate names and looks. Human was tackled first. As the launch date was quickly looming, the Graphic Evidence team pulled out the stops to create a name and brand in time for the Ideal Home Show, just a couple of months away.

NatraSan was produced to target the human healthcare sector. Presented in eye-catching green, the packaging is noticeably bright and identifiable with health, nature and hygiene. The product has been quickly picked up by the powerful parental market and the company behind the products has already begun plans to produce more products within this range.

The product for the animal/pet market quickly followed the launch of NatraSan, this we named RenaSan. RenaSan was launched at Badminton Horse Trials, just six weeks after we agreed the name. RenaSan required four different packaging designs, all along the same brand guidelines but to suit the different bottle sizes and pet owner needs.

While creating the names and package designs for the RenaSan range, a name was struck upon for the small travel size bottle, Wound Angel. The travel size Wound Angel has become such a success in the pet care sector that an individual marketing campaign has been developed for this particular product.


Renapur Limited


How we helped

  • Brand Identity Design
  • Brand Strategy
  • Packaging/Label Design
  • Printed Marketing Material Design
  • Website Design
  • Digital & Print Advertising Design


With the new names, brand identity and packaging designed and launched, new websites were needed asap. Built on the WordPress platform, the fully content managed sites are bright, clean and full of information about the products and the science behind them.

The websites direct users to the main online store to make their purchases, while these content managed websites allow the administrators to keep them updated and current, promoting the new products in the best possible way. The websites also feature feeds from their busy social networking forums and showcase product case studies, a calendar of events plus the usual news, press coverage and contact details.

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