Little Chickie

Online clothing boutique for children aged 0-3 years

We were asked to take an existing website on the Magento ecommerce platform and develop the design and functionality to create a more exciting and engaging experience for shoppers.

We began by analysing the current website and fixing numerous issues. Then the creative team took on the project and created a more friendly and playful design. Often it is harder and more time consuming to develop an old, tired design, but the team took on the challenge and excelled in evolving the look.

New functions and design elements have been added to offer more interaction and information for the user. The design is more intuitive and pleasing to browse, and there are now Quick View, Compare, Share and Wishlist functions. Plus, Popular Products, Customers Also Brought, Live Chat and full Gift List capabilities.

The new-look website has been vastly improved in appearance, function and interactive capabilities bringing an improved experience and service to shoppers, while allowing the website owners to maximise on marketing and promotions for the store.

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