New brand ID for one of the UK's leading independent PR agencies and first ever project agency

London based Launch required a brand identity update and refresh, and as Graphic Evidence and Launch have enjoyed working together on numerous creative projects for their clients (Tesco, Betty Crocker and BP to name a few) it was great to be brought on-board to work on Launch’s own new identity.


Following an extensive conceptual stage and development of the branding, a new corporate identity was unveiled. The Launch identity uses the tip of the ‘A’ in ‘Launch’ cut off and angled to imply that it is taking-off/launching, much like the company itself. This fun concept was utilised throughout the branding with the ‘A’ tip applied as a bullet point or arrow to punctuate documents.

Modern and Colourful Website

To accompany the new branding, we designed an engaging and informative website. Stylish and modern, the new content-rich website is on WordPress and complements the new brand. The website promotes the PR projects Launch have worked on for leading company’s while also demonstrating their success within the sector.

We provided Launch with brand guidelines and the tools to ensure every touchpoint is consistent across all promotional material, and a range of templated work documents.




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How we helped

  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Website Design

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