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Skincare with Compassion Rebrand

Branding and packaging design

Plant-based beauty brand Skincare with Compassion is made without the use of toxins, synthetics, artificial fragrances or other skin damaging ingredients. 

When it came to us for help, it certainly ticked all the boxes that today’s ‘conscious consumers’ might want from an authentic, ethical brand. However, the existing branding and packaging didn’t represent its personality, core values or the passion at its heart. And as importantly for future growth, it wasn’t yet in a position to attract buyers from major retailers.

Organic change

It was important to our client that the new branding incorporated some visual cues from the original design so as not to alienate existing customers. At the same time the packaging size, shape and materials couldn’t be altered. 

However, we were still able to identify some key changes to make the existing packaging and brand identity better reflect the qualities we wanted to project. Our task was made easier because the brand already had a strong value set so it was easier to make subtle, but still significant tweaks to the existing brand and packaging design, rather than starting from scratch.

Naturally simple

Taking inspiration from these visual cues, we created a simple, but captivating identity that flows beautifully across packaging and marketing material. The client had their own clear ideas about what personality the brand should reflect, leaving us to refine the existing proposition with carefully chosen colours to represent each product while retaining a clean and natural design.


Skincare with Compassion


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