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SALUS Brand Creation, Brand Identity

Elevating global knowledge exchange and events through strategic brand creation

SALUS, a visionary global knowledge exchange and events company, approached our brand consultancy to create a compelling brand that would reflect their commitment to fostering collaboration, innovation, and learning. With our expertise in brand creation, including brand strategy and brand identity system design, we partnered with SALUS to develop a powerful brand that would position them as industry leaders in facilitating impactful knowledge exchange experiences.

Brand Strategy


To establish a strong foundation for SALUS, we embarked on an immersive brand strategy process. Gaining insights into the industry landscape, target audience, and competitive analysis. Through this process, we identified a unique opportunity to position SALUS as a catalyst for global knowledge exchange, fostering connections, and driving innovation. Our brand strategy focused on highlighting SALUS’ commitment to curating exceptional events and creating collaborative spaces that empower individuals and organisations to thrive through the exchange of knowledge.

Brand Identity System Design


Building on the insights gained through the brand strategy process, we proceeded with designing a comprehensive brand identity system for SALUS. Our goal was to create a visual identity that encapsulated their brand essence and communicated their core values. We developed a distinctive logo that represented the interconnectedness of knowledge exchange, merging speech marks into a yin and yang shape to convey forward-thinking communications and collaboration. 


Our collaboration with SALUS resulted in the creation of a powerful brand that encapsulates the global knowledge exchange and facilitates transformative experiences. Through our brand strategy and identity system design, we positioned SALUS as an industry leader, emphasising their commitment to collaboration, innovation, and learning. The comprehensive brand creation process allowed SALUS to curate exceptional events and foster impactful knowledge exchange, inspiring individuals and organisations to thrive in a rapidly sector of healthy living. The brand creation efforts established SALUS as the sector’s go-to platform for those seeking to connect, learn, and make a meaningful impact in their respective fields.


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