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Risen Flour Brand Creation

A new brand has Risen! 


Simply Ingredients, a leading player in the UK flour and ingredients category, approached us with an exciting challenge. In the darkest times of lockdown, they were preparing to launch a new line of premium flour products and needed our expertise to create a distinctive brand that would captivate their target audience. With our comprehensive brand strategy, brand naming, brand identity and packaging design services, we partnered with Simply Ingredients to create a fresh new brand – Risen was born.

Brand Strategy 


To lay the foundation for Risen Flour’s success, we collaborated with our client and embarked on an in-depth brand strategy process. Conducting market research, brand landscape analysis and defining the brand’s purpose and value proposition. We also identified a unique opportunity to position Risen Flour as a premium, artisanal brand that not only delivers exceptional quality but also inspires culinary creativity.

Brand Naming

Drawing inspiration from the client’s vision of elevating flour to new heights, we proposed the name “Risen Flour.” This name not only evoked the image of a product that brings culinary creations to life but also conveyed a sense of aspiration and growth. It perfectly captured the essence of the brand’s promise: to elevate baking experiences and empower consumers to rise above their culinary expectations.


Visual Identity Design

With the name finalised, we moved on to developing the visual identity for Risen Flour. Our goal was to create a visual identity that was both elegant and approachable, reflecting the premium quality of the products while still appealing to a wide range of consumers. We crafted a flowing logo that features a bread loaf icon and used bold fonts with bags of personality.  The new visual identity perfectly conveys the brand’s commitment to natural, high-quality ingredients.

Packaging Design


The packaging design plays a crucial role in communicating Risen Flour’s brand story and capturing the attention of consumers on crowded store shelves and busy e-commerce pages. We opted for a clean and minimalist design approach, leveraging a playful and friendly aesthetic. The packaging featured a simple yet elegant colour palette with contemporary tones, reinforcing the brand’s premium positioning. The logo took centre stage, accompanied by enticing imagery of freshly baked bread and artistic motifs, creating an emotional connection with consumers and igniting their passion for baking.



Through our collaborative partnership with Simply Ingredients, we successfully created a brand that looks distinct and will resonate with consumers, helping Risen Flour to soar above its competitors. From brand strategy and naming to visual identity and packaging design, our comprehensive approach ensured a cohesive and impactful brand experience. The launch of Risen Flour stands as a testament to the power of strategic branding in capturing the hearts, minds, and taste buds of consumers.


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