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Omega Naturals Brand Creation

Helping a pet supplement brand thrive! 


Premier Equine Health, an Irish pet and equine supplement company, commissioned Brandality to develop a strong brand strategy, brand naming, brand identity design and packaging design for their new range of natural omega supplements. Our collaboration aimed to create a compelling brand that would resonate with horse and pet owners while highlighting the exceptional quality and benefits of their omega-based products.

Brand Strategy

Our team conducted an analysis to understand the target audience, competitive landscape and industry trends. We identified the key differentiators of Premier Equine Health’s omega supplements, which included their natural algal oil ingredients and dedication to equine wellbeing. Based on our findings, we formulated a brand positioning focused on promoting the products as essential for horses and pets to thrive.


Brand Naming

After brainstorming and generating potential brand names “Omega Naturals” was the clear favourite for the new range of supplements. This name succinctly captures the essence of the products, emphasising their natural ingredients and the importance of omega in the equine and pet diet. “Omega Naturals” conveys a sense of purity, authenticity, and effectiveness, appealing to the target market seeking reliable and trustworthy supplements.


Brand Identity Design

To visually represent the brand, we created a distinctive and memorable logo. The centrepiece of the logo is a beautifully crafted omega symbol, symbolising the key ingredient in Premier Equine Health’s products. Within the omega symbol, we integrated the silhouette of a majestic bay horse, elegantly trotting through the centre, showcasing the brand’s connection to equine well-being. The colour palette for the Omega Naturals brand consists of bright teal and gold. Teal represents freshness, trustworthiness, and nature, reflecting the natural and beneficial properties of the omega supplements. The vibrant gold hue signifies the liquid form of the omega oil product, adding a touch of elegance and prestige to the brand identity. 

Packaging Design

Our team designed the packaging for Omega Naturals to be visually striking and informative. The packaging prominently features the logo, ensuring brand recognition and reinforcing the connection between the product and the brand’s core values. The teal color scheme provides a cohesive and eye-catching backdrop, while gold accents add a touch of luxury and distinction. The packaging includes essential product information, dosage guidelines, and benefits, ensuring customers have all the necessary details at their fingertips.


Through our comprehensive brand strategy, brand naming, brand identity design and packaging design for Premier Equine Health’s Omega Naturals range, we have successfully positioned the brand as the omega specialist in the equine and pet supplement market. The name “Omega Naturals” and the strapline “Helping Horses Thrive” effectively communicate the brand’s focus on natural and effective solutions. The visually striking logo, featuring the omega symbol and horse, captures the essence of the brand while the teal and gold colour scheme creates a sense of trust and elegance. The packaging design showcases the product’s key information in an engaging and visually appealing manner. Omega Naturals brand now stands out as a premium and reliable choice for horse and pet owners looking to optimise their animals’ well-being through the power of omegas.


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