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Neura Brand Creation and Packaging Design

Creating a mindful brand to lead the way in the new realms of nootropics.

Nootropics (supplements that may improve cognitive function) are big business across the pond in the US, but at the time of being commissioned by Neura, were little known in the UK. We therefore had a challenge of launching a new brand in an unknown category and helping our client to educate consumers as to the benefits of Nootropics.

Setting the foundations

Effectively communicating who you are and what your advanced products do requires clarity and vision from the outset. We worked with Neura to define their ‘why’, how they wanted to be perceived (positioning), to understand who their consumers are and what they want and need. This brand definition set the foundation on which the Nuera brand came alive.

Packaging and Identity

We wanted to ensure that consumers get a sense of what Neura does from the outset, from the very first glimpse of their products. We therefore created an illustration to instantly convey mind/brain/mental qualities while also looking premium and captivating. Telescopic tubes were chosen for the packaging as not only are they plastic free, and look striking on shelf, but they’re also reusable and safely housed the sachets or capsules perfectly. ‘The packaging clearly communicates what the products are about and their impressive attributes’ comments Adam Arnold, Founder and Creative Director of Brandality ‘They’re going to make a huge impact both on-shelf and on-line’

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Working with Brandality has been fantastic, they understood the brand identity we were building and have produced packaging that looks premium, clean and ensures Neura leaves a lasting impression.

David Higgins
Founder, Neura Natural Cognitive Fuels




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