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KiddiCorp – Children Product Branding

New corporate branding for this parent and child product company

KiddiCorp, originally GoldBug, came to Brandality when it wanted to build a new brand identity for the core company after a change of ownership.

The business was already well-known for manufacturing and distributing innovative products for parents and children. Top sellers include The Harness Buddy, Wow Cup and Hungry Caterpillar licensed products so a name change, and new branding for an established company, needed careful consideration and planning.

The first step was to run branding workshops with company directors and employees to define and set in place brand values, customer profiles and, of course, a strategy.

After three naming workshops, one name stood out: KiddiCorp ticked every box. However, good practice dictated that we needed to explore other options for comparison. The workshops had generated dozens of names and we embarked on a process of elimination to be sure that KiddiCorp was absolutely the best option. It was.

With the brand strategy and new name in place, the fun part could begin – the design stage. With such an engaging sector to work with, we weren’t short of inspiration. In fact, we had trouble cutting concepts before the client presentation. After many hours of debate and design tweaking, the new brand design was chosen and KiddiCorp was born.




Parent and child product company

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