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Meet Jeff, the new face for billing software

Creating a new brand to compete in the competitive world of software

Designed by vets, for vets, Jeff works with practice management systems to put practice owners in complete control of their clinical transactions – preventing revenue loss and driving profit straight to their bottom line.

Not another boring software brand identity

Sweetfish came to us with a great idea and the startings of a very powerful software solution. What they now needed was a brand that was full of personality and perfectly positioned to engage their target audience – veterinary practices. 

Their working name for the software was ‘project Jeff’ and we loved it – most of the Brandality team commented ‘let’s run with that and call the software ‘Jeff’’. Needless to say, we didn’t have to spend much time with the naming on this one.

Ensuring the best position 

One of our first challenges was to understand the marketplace, the people within it and their wants, needs and fears. We also analysed the existing and potential competition and how they communicated with their customers. These insights enabled us to create a clear brand definition for Jeff and perfectly position the brand to thrive.

A brand identity full of character 

To reflect the nature of the Sweetfish team and differentiate amongst the competition we wanted Jeff to have tonnes of character and ensure his intelligence and wisdom shone through. We took inspiration from the main premise of the software ‘billing efficiency’ and created Jeff – a glasses-wearing invoice. 

This versatile icon, although simple, is packed full of personality and works brilliantly on every touchpoint, especially when animated. 

As well as a great logo we fitted-out Jeff with a great range of visual brand assets and a style guidelines document to ensure he’s always looking his best.




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