Moving with the times

18 September 2020

It would be foolish to think that business perceptions haven’t changed considerably due to the COVID pandemic. It would also be remiss to think that this shift in mindset and needs isn’t going to be for the long haul.

People are of course now returning to work fulltime, but what does work now look like for them? For the many I chat to and hear about work isn’t in an office anymore, it’s now at home or in a flexible workspace. Lockdown has awoken many businesses to the fact that they do not need large expensive offices to trade successfully – and we just so happen to be one of these businesses.

Brandality now has beautiful work and meeting space in Folgate Street, next to Spitalfields market in London. This allows our team to work from home, but have a base to come together regularly to brainstorm ideas, work on a project or any other essential teamwork where Zoom just won’t do.

The new premises are also going to provide us with stunning meeting and event spaces, so when COVID allows, expect an invite to insightful seminars and workshops.

From our client’s perspective, apart from the physical location, there will be no noticeable change as we operate advanced VOIP phones and cloud-based work systems.

Should you have any queries, want to arrange a meeting at Folgate Street or simply fancy a catch-up virtually please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Adam Arnold
Founder and Creative Director

Brandality, 35-41 Folgate St, Spitalfields, London E1 6BX
Tel: 020 8064 1020

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