Brandality are proud to launch the Thrive Award Scheme

3 February 2020

Do you want to bag up to £20,000 worth of branding and consultancy for your business for just £5,000?

We are excited to announce that we have launched the Thrive Award Scheme. Each quarter we will select a young business, that has wellbeing at its core, to receive expert branding and design consultancy for a fraction of the normal price. The awards are specifically aimed at UK-based businesses with a turnover of less than £200,000 and that have traded for no more than two years.

Brandality Founder & Creative Director Adam Arnold explains the thinking behind the quarterly award: “We speak to a lot of promising small businesses and brands that know they need to invest in branding to succeed, but are still in the early stages of growing, so simply can’t afford to invest large amounts of money.

Because Brandality often works with health and wellbeing brands, or businesses with a strong wellbeing ethos and culture, we decided to launch the Thrive Award Scheme to help nurture small businesses as our way of giving those with potential a big boost. The £5,000 fee will simply cover some of our costs  – and of course demonstrate to us that the winning business is serious about their venture and working with us.”

Adds Adam: “This is a fantastic opportunity for a brand or business to receive top-level branding and strategic advice without it hitting the bottom line. We’re excited to see what brands we’re going to be partnering with and how we can help them to grow.”


For more information, FAQs or to enter please go to

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