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Wellbeing is a $4.2 trillion global industry and growing… Brandality investigates.

Wellbeing/wellness are the buzz-words of the moment and not looking like they’re going away any time soon. In fact, the Global Wellness Institute estimates that wellbeing across every consumer sector – from food and drink to tourism, is now a combined $4.2 trillion industry, with growth outpacing that of global GDP. 

This world wellbeing obsession, says the GWI, is driven by consumer concern for the environment, which is also considered a health crisis.

“Environmental degradation directly and indirectly affects us – through the air we breathe, how we procure and consume food and how we live and travel. As people become aware of these risks, they are seeking out alternative lifestyles that are simultaneously healthier for themselves and more sustainable for the planet.” The GWI adds that these changing attitudes are at the same time “bolstered by the rise of the middle classes, the accessibility of new options and the burgeo…



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