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Are we all being greenwashed?



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Brand positioning; the race for space [in the mind of your customers]

Brand positioning is the component of brand strategy that you probably hear most about, yet many haven’t quite grasped its true definition or potential. Most consider it is a company’s position within a marketplace, when in fact the true power lies in how you position you have in the hearts

Unveiling the hidden power of a brand audit [Those who know, know]

Today’s busy and rapidly evolving world requires businesses to continually assess and refine their strategies to stay competitive. It also ensures their brand continually connects and resonates with their customers.  This article explores the significance of brand audits, their components and why they are so important when navigating tricky times

Is gendered branding still relevant? [vive la difference!]

Gender stereotyping is alive and well, according to new research from Kantar. Its analysis of advertising creativity and media effectiveness – AdReaction: Getting Gender Right highlights that almost all (99%) of UK ads for laundry products are targeted at women, while 70% of ads for toiletries and food products are

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