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How impactful is having a geographical reference in a brand name? It’s a question I’m continuously asked, but it’s a good one. Harrogate water, Patagonia clothing, Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese, Yorkshire Tea, Essex Lambrini. Okay, so I made that last one up, but being asked so frequently, I also started to wonder

Let me start by saying that as well as a brand consultant, I consider myself a designer, and have run an agency since 2003. In this time I have seen considerable change in perception towards designers and design agencies in general. As a result, I find myself now asking ‘is

Authenticity is a word that comes up A LOT at Brandality. It informs much of our thinking when we’re brainstorming new branding and identity ideas for clients and when we’re helping brands to find their ‘voice’ to speak to their target consumers.In a crowded consumer market, true authenticity can help

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