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Tone of voice (TOV) is an important part of your brand’s identity: its linguistic identity.  Many business owners find visual identity a bit easier to crack because creating a brand’s logo, website, packaging and marketing materials demand decisions on colour and shapes.  But applying the same attention to what words

Creating or rejuvenating a brand is the challenge that launched a thousand tasks. It’s our bread and butter here at Brandality, and we love every part of it, but before we get carried away with colour palettes and typography there’s one crucial factor: the name.A brand name can be the

It’s nice to look nice, but for a brand to succeed it needs more than aesthetics.It’s easy for us designers to get carried away and choose a format and design that will look great, but doesn’t always transpire to be the most effective. Not considering major factors like how it

One of the most popular LinkedIn posts I’ve seen recently is how numerous fashion brands have simplified their logos to a basic sans serif font. Surprisingly, this has caused uproar on social media with people furiously displaying their disgust in the comments section. Some of the more publishable comments include…‘When

Packaging is now a political issue and brands that don’t engage with, and respond to, the debate around sustainability, recycling and single-use might find their customers melting away.A quick straw-poll around our own office reveals that everyone is plastic-conscious – cutting back where they can; swapping plastic-wrapped and made brands

It doesn’t sound like a very complex issue: that of plant-based ‘burgers’, ‘steaks’ and ‘sausages’ or nut ‘milks’ being able to use the nomenclature traditionally enjoyed by ‘real’ meat and dairy. Afterall, how much confusion can there possibly be in clearly-labelled veggie ‘burgers’ or oat ‘milk’?Back in 2017 the EU

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