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Brand Identity

Noun     Plural: brand identities

The visual and verbal elements that communicate a company's unique personality and offering.

A brand identity your customers will be proud of

We craft brand identities that differentiate from the competition, convey a distinct persona and ignite positive perceptions. Working closely with our clients to define their brand’s personality, positioning and most importantly customer needs. From logo design and packaging to websites and social media, Brandality ensures that your brand is represented consistently and effectively across every touchpoint – building customer connections and driving business growth.

The components of brand identity



Designing visual identities that differentiate, fuel recognition and shape positive perceptions. Consistently striking visual assets, such as logo, typography, colour schemes, graphics and imagery.



Setting the language and tone for all communications to amplify your company’s personality and drive a stronger connection with your audience – distinguishing you from the competition and generating brand loyalty.



Generating brand names that are memorable, meaningful and resonate with your target audience. Names that evoke positive associations, enhance your identity and distinctly represent who you are.



Creating the narrative/story of your brand to build deeper connections, trust and credibility with customers. Conveying a consistently clear message reinforces your proposition and guides brand communications.



Defining the relationship and hierarchy of a portfolio of companies to form a synergistic family of brands – benefiting each brand independently and the group collectively while also allowing stakeholders to easily navigate offerings.



Setting the standards that establish how your brand identity and its assets should successfully be presented. Clear and user-friendly guidelines and tools that ensure a strong and cohesive brand identity across all key touchpoints.

Brand identity case studies

A few relevant brand identity projects we've undertaken

Our brand identity capabilities

  • Brand naming 
  • Logo design 
  • Tone of voice
  • Marketing material design
  • Packaging design
  • Typography
  • Imagery and graphics
  • Design team training
  • Straplines and taglines
  • Brand guidelines
  • Brand and pack testing 
  • Roll-out management

Brand identity insights

A few relevant brand identity articles from our blog

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