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Welcome to the
Body Language of Brands

A series of events and insight publications where each issue delves into the world of a specific sector/category and defines what it takes for a brand to compete within it.

Curating the opinions and experiences of industry heads, strategists, retail gurus and marketing mavericks allows us to share both impartial and fundamental insights.

'a detailed roadmap for marketers and brand owners'

As consumer’s perceptions evolve to consider a far more holistic image of the brands they choose, the aesthetics, behaviours and ‘body language’ of these brands are now the difference between engagement and disregard.

The Body Language of Brands publications and events will provide a detailed roadmap for marketers and brand owners, guiding them through sensitive landscapes in order to create both desirability and commerciality for their brands.

Adam Arnold
Founder & Creative Director
Issue #1:
The 'well-being' category
Who's it for?

The wellness issue of ‘Body Language of Brands’ has been developed to bring value to brand owners and marketing professionals looking to better understand the current and future opportunities of their segment. From first hand observations of key brand leaders, to our future focused insights; the publication looks to help marketing professions gains a 360 perspective and better navigate the wellness landscape.

Its purpose

The purpose for the ‘wellness’ issue of Body Language of Brands is to provide the definitive guide in growing and maintaining a desirable and commercially viable wellness brand. As the consumer’s values evolve to place ‘wellness’ at the forefront of their purchase behaviour, the aesthetics, behaviours and ‘body language’ of these brands can now be the difference between innovative or ineffective engagement.

Be a part of if

As an insight-pool and aggregator of sector foresights, we invite industry thought-leaders and figureheads to contribute in our mission of mapping the wellness market. Please get in touch with your thoughts on the topic, and to discuss these collaboration opportunities.

As the wellness segment grows, the pace of change in the market presents huge threats & opportunities. Join us in discovering, understanding and leveraging these changes.

Adam Arnold
Founder & Creative Director, Brandality
A Collaborative Movement
to evolve and elevate

The purpose for this collection of publications is to provide a detailed roadmap for brand owners, in manoeuvring through their sensitive landscape, to create both desirability and commerciality in their brands. We're delighted to invite you to join us in this collaborative movement of shared insights, views and future projections.

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Content Contributors

Are you a blogger, influencer, journalist or a marketing-leader within the arena of well-being? If so we would love to hear your opinions, thoughts and ideas on various aspects of this expanding segment. Our goal is to present the most extensive, insightful and rounded perspective of this market, and its evolving consumers. If you feel you’re able to add to this ‘perspective’ and wish to submit your contribution, please get in touch, and we would be happy to host your submission.