10 Ways the Marketing World Has Changed Since COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has permanently changed the landscape of marketing, proving to be a catalyst to some of the most rapid changes which the marketing industry has ever witnessed.

In this article, we outline ten of the most impactful ways in which the world of marketing has changed since the COVID-19 crisis.

1. Re-thinking the relationship which brands have with their consumers has been at the forefront of the positive changes which the global pandemic has brought – the relationship that brands foster with their target audiences has bloomed, strengthened by the trends of interactive advertising and a more empathetic tact.

2. The rise in marketing employees working from home, brought about by the need for social distancing, has allowed many marketing agencies and teams to restructure the ways in which they have worked to date. This has proved to be fuel for innovation and creativity, despite the initial uncertainty surrounding the possible barriers to collaboration which it may create.

3. Investing in the use of technology has boomed throughout the global pandemic, prompting marketing teams to rapidly adapt their branding strategies to cater for an audience wary of physical shopping. With online shopping now being at an all-time high and consumers having to restructure their lifestyles from the ground up, the e-commerce market has experienced a significant growth.

4. Adapting marketing campaigns in order to foster a culture of belonging, safety, and sustainability is a trend across the marketing sector which is – hopefully – is here to stay.

5. Travel and luxury brands have had a hard time this year, to say the least – however, many of them have adapted the use of augmented and virtual reality to their advantage.

6. Virtual experiences, ranging from teams rapidly adopting Zoom teleconferencing as their chosen way of communicating, to the rise of brands providing immersive virtual experiences, have become fundamental parts of pandemic life.

7. Many brands and companies have adapted to the rise of e-commerce by digital migration, caused by the loss of physical customers following the lockdown period. However, moving your business completely online offers a whole plethora of growth opportunities, such as widening your audience reach.

8. Keeping up with trends is something which marketing professionals have learned to be of utmost importance, but with the rapidly changing world it’s now more important than ever before. Staying on top of the latest news in real-time is a skill that all marketers need to hone.

9. Enhancing the affordability of products has been one of the main concerns of brands and companies worldwide due to the financial constraints that the pandemic has brought to consumers. It is therefore increasingly important to ensure flexible payment systems in order to maximise your sales and profits.

10. Marketing professionals have learned the importance of experimenting with current strategies and not being afraid to stray away from the tried-and-tested methods. Remaining agile has been key this year.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought changes to the world of marketing at a rapid speed – however, as professionals, we understand the importance of remaining resilient as well as adaptable. Brandality can help your brand to successfully navigate those changes and restructure your branding strategy to fit into the ‘new normal’. Find out how here.

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